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Chris & Frankie : Illustration & Branded Marketing

Chris & Frankie

date. 2021

client/project.  This interactive children's book teaches young children about the piano keys and leads them through memorizing patterns in a fun and engaging way. This book is a full sensory experience! You can listen and play along with your students (both individually and as a group). Created in partnership with F-Flat Publishing 

my role(s).  Illustrator . Character Concept & Development . Creative Marketing Designer . Logo Branding . Print Production 

goals.  Illustrating a children's books with recognizable and relatable characters; Brand awareness with a strong color palette; Fun and engaging graphics related to music & pianos; Interactive design that catches the eyes of children as they learn more about playing the piano and reading music. In addition to the book, creating an activity "sight reading" book; coloring pages; marketing graphics and merch such as buttons & clothing. 


Give Kids The World : Illustrated Marketing


date. 2018-2020

objective.  Ongoing volunteer relationship with Give Kids The World, a partner of Walt Disney World, to produce various illustrated and creative layout design for their marketing efforts including printed flyers, digital banners & ad's, large banners, etc. 

my role(s).  Illustrator . Photoshopper . Digital Marketer . Collaborator . Creative Graphic Designer

goals.  Working with an established brand by utilizing brand guides to create marketing assets that fit within the world of GKTW. These individual poster templates were create to allow the marketing team to create fun and engaging flyers, shared around the park, without having to rely on a design team to create each individual announcement flyer. Using established characters from their asset files, make a seamless look that coordinates with their branding and storytelling. Large banners and 1-Year Anniversary designs were created for external promotions. 

Various Clients. Character (Emoji) Development

date. 2020

objective. Creating unique custom "emoji" characters for clients based on their branding or personal business needs. 

my role(s).  Illustrator . Concept Artist . Graphic Designer . Creative Marketing 

goals.  Client wanted to create fun "emoji-esque" characters that could be used for their internal communications. Based on an ant, the client wanted various emotions or actions or scenes to be portrayed. The goal was to be able to use this within their internal messaging system, as a fun and unique way to share "emoji's" that felt more branded to their style. 

Inspiring Storyteller. Children's Book Illustration

date. 2021

objective.  "I Can Be ANYTHING From A to Z" is a fun story about Zaina who takes her parents on a journey of all the things she dreams of being. We created the character design for Zaina and her two parents; and each page was portraying Zaina as a different career professional. The goal was to make the images engaging & fun to look at, so the reader could envision themselves in those roles! 

my role(s).  Illustrator . Creative Graphic Designer . Lead Concept Artist . Book & Print Layout

goals.  The client really wanted to focus on the beauty of Zaina and her spirit and enthusiasm as she dreams about possible careers. The goal was to keep Zaina always excited and happy and fully engaged in each page. The colors are bright, the details are fun, and the biggest goal was to create a character & color palette & look at little girls AND boys could feel connected to! 

Inspiring Storyteller

Scoochie & Skiddles. Children's Book Illustration

Scooce & Skiddles

date. 2021

objective.  The first of a series, "Fun At Gramma's" is a fun story about Scoochie and her cousin Skiddles' adventures. The objective of this story was to establish the look & feel and flow of the story of these two girls. This book introduces are lead characters as the author preps for future books. The characters & logo were developed to establish the branding, and both Illustrator & Photoshop were used to create the overall illustrated aesthetic of the book. 

my role(s).  Illustrator . Character Concept Artist . Project Lead . Collaborator

goals.  Establishing the look and feel of this new series. The author intends to tell more stories of these two girls, so it was crucial to create a fun and enthusiastic branded feel for both these characters, their "co-stars", and the overall mood and flow of the book. The cover serves as a template for future covers. In addition, graphics & assets were created so the author to have them printed on "merch" through Zazzle (product mockups via, including masks, t-shirts, pins, buttons, etc.