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Moosiko . Digital & Print Creative Marketing 

date. 2019 - 2021

the client/project. Moosiko helps schools and districts boost student engagement and increase enrollment while saving time for teachers using our skill tracking and assessment tools.

my role & skills. Creative Direction . Marketing Design . Graphic Design . Illustration

goal. This client initially came to me about character development for branded characters that they could use for their website. They wanted characters scattered around their sit to bring attention to important services & products, as well as give kids something they could identify with. We worked together on creating the lead teacher characters and then a mix of adult and child characters. Moving forward, the client and I have worked together on producing publications, printed advertisements, digital advertisements, and web graphics that all related back to this illustrated & storytelling-based branding we created together. The client provides me with the core details of each project, and allows me complete creative direction & freedom to produce branded marketing. 


Tiffany Rothe . Digital & Print Creative Marketing Designs

date. 2019 - 2021

objective. In collaboration with founder Tiffany Rothe, create unique, creative & eye-catching digital and print marketing assets that combine storytelling & modern appeal. Digital designs are crafted to fit various social media platforms, stay within brand, and feature Tiffany Rothe

my role & skills. Creative Direction . Marketing Design . Graphic Design . Photoshop Editing

goal. This retainer client often has specials, events, new services, or promotions that they want to send out to their audience. They ask that each graphic is unique, different, but still branded. Between usinging brand colors, typography, photoshop editing, or simply placement of graphics, each digital or print advertisements is purposeful and unique; while still encompassing the full Tiffany Rothe brand. 


Give Kids The World : Illustrated Marketing

date. 2018-2020

objective.  Ongoing volunteer relationship with Give Kids The World, a partner of Walt Disney World, to produce various illustrated and creative layout design for their marketing efforts including printed flyers, digital banners & ad's, large banners, etc. 

my role(s).  Illustrator . Photoshopper . Digital Marketer . Collaborator . Creative Graphic Designer

re:Theatre . Digital & Print & Event Marketing


date. 2018-2020

objective.  Create various print and digital assets for social media marketing. event planning and displays, mail-in advertisements, and handouts. 

my role(s).  Illustrator . Photoshopper . Digital Marketer . Collaborator . Creative Graphic Designer

goal. Their ideal client and audience are theatre students and teachers. The goal is to create something that is fun, flashy, modern, but also a little bit goofy to fit the fun & edgy style of stage theatre. With a set brand color palette, my goal is to use the colors in a way that make each project pop. In many cases we create a logo for that particular event, or podcast, or service and work the rest of the design around that logo, while still keeping it in the re:theatre branding. 

Digital Marketing & Advertisement

date. 2019

objective.  Work with Seattle-based ad agency, Project Bionic, to create digital marketing graphics primarily used for their Pinterest & Instagram marketing. I partnered with Project Bionic on a freelance bases to provide extra support for their clients. 

my role(s).  Photoshopper . Collaborator . Creative Graphic Designer . Asset Management