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ToySmith . Packaging

date. 2021 - Present

objective. Design packaging layouts based on brand guides, product images, and within die-lie specifications set by client. Flipst Dragon also required character concept illustration. 

my role. Graphic Designer . Illustrator . Packaging

goal. Create eye catching packaging design & displays; illustration of scenes & background as well as characters based on product.  *

**All design rights and usage belong to ToySmith

Konopie . Bottle Labels

date. 2021

objective. Create label design for new line of hemp & dried ingredients that you mix with your favorit spirit. Various flavors that require different colors and distinctive imagery related to that flavor. This product is currently in production 2021. 

my role. Design Lead & Director . Marketing Strategist . Illustrator . Logo Design . Packaging Design & MockUp

goal. This new product is suppose to be excited and fresh. It's a new way of looking at cannabis and the client wanted the product to engage the viewer, but also purposeful for the clientele; which centered around bar & event owners. Given the products come in different flavors the goal was to create a color palette & imagery that worked around the flavors and made them recognizable instantly. In addition, a logo was created for the Canna-Fused brand. 

Konopie Bottles

Konopie . Pouch Packaging

date. 2019-2020

objective. Create packaging design for two varying pouches. Larger pouch to be fully covered on both sides, allowing small window for product. Smaller pouch to be fully covered on front, and only top design on backside leaving clear packaging to present product. 

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