D Graphics. Web Illustration

date. 2020

objective. These images were originally designed for the client Fleet Gopher, to use as digital vector graphics for their website. The gopher character represents their logo character. The images were adapted to illustrated stories incorporating watercolors and a painted aesthetic, mixed with some vector imagery, for the purpose of Children's Book mockups. D Graphics is investing the time and resources to continue building an illustrated portfolio, serving clients needs for children's book and marketing assets for families/children.

MOPsPros. Emoji Avatar Illustration

date. 2020

objective. Client wanted a unique "ant" character created that could be adapted into various 'emoji' expressions. The purpose was to use the emojis for their internal messaging stream, and for marketing purposes. 

MyRelaxer. Mascot Avatar Illustration

date. 2019 - 2020

objective. The request was to take their current logo, and adapt it into emotions and/or state of mind characters. Such emotions were: Overwhelmed, Tired, Thriving, Healthy, Mindful, etc.

The inspiration they gave was "Pixar's Inside Out". So I took their original logo and began sketching out the characters, added some color and texture, and presented them to the client!

Created in partnership with Evolve Global Marketing

D Graphics Mascot. 

date. Ongoing

objective. D Graphics Mascot, modeled after Dustin, inspired by Disney quotes & popular imagery. 

D Graphics. Avatar Characters

date. 2020

objective. Create avatar characters based on different clients. Avatars are designed to be used for social media and web marketing. 

Heated Hunts. Children's Book Illustration

date. 2020

objective.  A Children’s Hunting Book, A Child’s First Buck Hunt, is a great way to introduce hunting, the great outdoors and the foundation of building great memories with children and kids of all ages. Do your part of passing the hunting legacy! This book is brought to you by Heated Hunts with the hope to ensure the hunting legacy is passed on to the next generation.

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