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Funko Inc . Packaging Design

date. 2022 - present

objective. With Funko I've collaborated with project development teams, artistic directions, and team leads in coordination with licensor's assets & style guides to create original design solutions for packaging in the Funko standard branding. Some projects utilized style guides with pre-determined branding, and some required a unique and original approach. Through collaboration with team leads & members, I reviewed concepts and print samples, and well as participating in brainstorming sessions. 

my role. Graphic Design . Packaging Layout & Design . Concept Design . Product Reviews . Team Collaboration

goal. Upon celebrating Disney's 100th anniversary, Funko is releasing a series of POPs to commemorate the legacy of The Walt Disney Company.  Being assigned to the D100 series, my goal was to utilize Disney's 100th Anniversary style guide to create a unique, engaging & memorable packaging design that perfectly honors the characters and movies that each POP item represented. With a unique approach to the packaging layout, I am excited to recognize the amazing characters, movie, and leaders of Disney with photo call-outs and stylish background patterns, wrapped in a bright and light-catching foil. The packaging not only blends seamlessly with Disney 100th branding, but gives Funko and Disney fans something refreshing and new for packaging.  

*Disney owns rights to Disney 100th assets & images; licensed to Funko Inc for use

*Product images belong to Funko Inc. Products are currently available for order & pre-order through various retailers including Funko, Target, Hot Topic, Walmart, etc. 

*Funko products are possible through the collaborations of the in-house creative teams, from concept to sculpt to packaging to marketing. 

Konopie Bottles
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